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The Interfraternity Council


The Interfraternity Council, or IFC, is the governing body for 14 of our fraternities at the University of North Texas. All chapters associated with IFC must be afiliated with a national organization. This council has 7 executive officers, which are elected by the general voting body each year.  The purpose of the council is to not only promote fellowship within the Greek community, but also to set standards and governing rules for members of our chapters to abide by. The philosophy behind IFC is, in order for us to hold our Greek community to it's highest standard, we must hold each other to these same standards.

IFC fraternities sponsor community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, Challenge for Children and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We take pride in our high scholastic achievements and constantly remind our members that academic excellence comes before anything else. We encourage everyone to check out and visit each of our IFC fraternities and set a course towards academic and personal success.


IFC Spring 2015 recruitment will take place February 1st - 7th.

Transcripts MUST be turned into the Greek Life Office by Thursday, February 5th  at 5:00PM

There will be a mandatory recruitment orientation and meet-and-greet in the BLB atrium Sunday, February 1st from 11am-12pm.

Each student going through recruitment will also be required to take an Online Alcohol Education Course. Part 1 will take between two and three hours. Part 2 will be administered later in the semester, and the student will be notified via email. To register go to and enter your AlcoholEdu registration code (C227216B)

For more detailed information, please visit


Why Join?

Joining a fraternity is about so much more than simply making friends. At UNT, our IFC fraternities are held to the highest standards of scholastic responsibility, they participate heavily in a wide range of philanthropic programs and events, all while creating lifelong bonds through true brotherhood. When you join a fraternity, you immerse yourself in a national organization that has already set deep roots in American history with thousands of influential alumni including presidents, astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, political activists, and countless others. Joining a fraternity isn’t about paying for friends, it’s about becoming a part of something larger than yourself and discovering opportunities that may have otherwise been unavailable to you. No two students have the same Greek experience, and we want you to find your own unique journey through the Interfraternity Council at UNT.


Receive Academic Support

When it comes down to it, you are always going to be a student first. That’s why you are at UNT, and when you join a fraternity we are going to help you realize that goal of graduating with the degree that will allow you to be successful in life after college. Many fraternities offer scholarships to brothers who do well in order to help with the cost of college and aid those who may be paying their own way, and study hours are always recommended and sometimes required to ensure that you are taking care of academic responsibilities. Our fraternities have tutoring systems in place in which active members lend aid to each other and often you can be matched to a member who has the same degree plan as you. As per national guidelines, our fraternities have expectations of all members to maintain a certain GPA so that we can consistently hold ourselves to a higher standard.


Be the Leader

Use the skills and talents you've developed by being a leader in a fraternity. You can find leadership opportunities from the beginning of your membership through your entire college experience. Many fraternities offer nationally recognized leadership programs that help give you an advantage over others, from seminars to retreats to conferences there are ample opportunities to hone your leadership skills and discover your leadership style. The diversity of each fraternity means that everyone is welcome.


Enjoy Social Activities & Sports

Everyone wants to have the full college experience, but it isn’t always so easy to find. When you join a fraternity at UNT, you will discover that we have found the balance between a healthy and enjoyable social life and responsible, consistent academic achievement. Intramural sports allow our men to bond through friendly competition, and whatever your skill, whatever your interest, there is a team for you to participate on. There are social activities for everyone, whether you prefer small groups or large crowds. These activities connect you to your fraternity, the Greek community, and the campus. Don't make the assumption that social just means alcohol, social experiences in fraternities at UNT include Homecoming, mixers, dances, athletic events, and so much more.


Build a Network of Opportunities

Remember, you're joining a world-wide brotherhood. Fraternity alumni groups can be found in cities across the nation that help you stay involved in your organization even after graduation. There are over five million fraternity alumni world-wide, and when you graduate this network is invaluable in finding and securing internships, summer work, references, and professional careers. Brotherhood and fraternity doesn’t end just because you graduated, and the skills and abilities you learn and develop while in a fraternity at UNT will aid you throughout your life. You truly get out of it what you put into it, so we encourage you to research our organizations, sign up for recruitment, and begin your own journey.


IFC Executive Board

Interfraternity Council President
Zach Beldon
Office hours: Monday, 2-3pm; Tuesday, 3:30-5pm; Wednesday, 2-4pm; and Friday, 2-3pm*

Vice President of Administration
Brendan Sullivan
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2:30pm

Vice President of Recruitment and Membership
John Andrews
Office hours: Wednesday, 12pm-2pm

Vice President of Scholarship and Member Development
Will Garcia
Office hours: Monday, 1pm-3pm

Vice President of Finance
Connor McPartlin
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4:30pm

Vice President of Judicial Affairs
Blaze Lynn
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2:30pm

Vice President of Risk Management
Troy Malette
Office hours: Monday, 12-3pm

Vice President of Public Relations
Ricky Valle
Office hours: Monday and Friday, 1-3pm

*The office hours listed above will be completed in the Greek Life Center's Council Room. If you are wanting to speak to or schedule a meeting with any of the officers personally then it should be done during their specified office hours.